Friday, November 17, 2017

Ready To Be Seen!

At long last, my barely-fictional story "Hands Unseen" is ready to be seen!  I really liked this story, and I hope you decide to take a look.

Torrid Literature Journal (Volume 20) contains a collection of poems and short stories "that highlight the flexibility and power of the written word. Lovers of literature will truly appreciate the lengths writers go to just to create these beautiful works of art where they embed their truth and skill. The final result is nothing short of astonishing as these writers come together with the flexibility and grace of a ballerina who knows how to dance dutifully around the beats of life."

Buy your copy of Volume 20 HERE.

~Mick, S.D.G.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Roaming Outward

I am reviewing a proof copy of my second book titled "Roaming Outward: a book of small poems."

My first book, Random Stones, led me to believe I might have a second book in me, somewhere.  And, presto, here it is.

Some of the content had been previously published in literary journals and other venues, but most is appearing in print for the first time anywhere in the entire galaxy!

Here is a sneak peek from the pre-publication copy.


His pride was a useless
Souvenir from younger
Days, a cracked
Thing with peeling paint
That sat in his blind
Spot, like a junk 
Plastic pendant on a
Carnival necklace
That had blown around
To dangle between
His shoulder blades
On the bike ride home

(First published in Gyroscope Review, Issue 16-4, October 2016)

~Mick, S.D.G.

This one is only mildly self-indulgent.  Stay tuned for flagrant marketing.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hands Unseen - Coming in November

Today, I was thrilled to receive an author's proof copy of Torrid Literature's volume XX, titled Bend, Don't Break.

It will be published in November 2017, and it contains one of my favorite, barely fictional stories called "Hands Unseen."

Alice Saunders, my favorite editor at TL Publishing Group, says:

"...take a look at where you are right now. That’s right. You’re still standing. Use this as motivation for 2018. Make plans to step outside of your comfort zone in every way possible. You’ve come this far, why stop now? I’ll see you all in the New Year. Be you. Be blessed. Be torrid."

~ Mick, S.D.G.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gooey Love Poetry

An online publisher called accepted one of my gooey love poems.  Well, it's as gooey as I can get, you pagan you.

You can read it HERE.

If you feel all warm and tingly afterward, please consider voting it up.  If you feel like a dirty biker just looked at you with defilement in his eyes, well, maybe you should vote it WAY up.

~Mick, S.D.G.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Illumen 28


This is a stellar moment in my writing career.  Not only did wise editor Tyree Campbell choose two of my poems for Illumen 28, he also chose to reference me on the cover.

Tyree says Illumen 28 contains, "...some of the finest poets in the Solar System. Suchlike include Ashley Dioses, Kendall Evans, Deborah Guzzi, Mickey Kulp, Amanda Faye, Bruce Boston, D. B. Heath, and more."

Buy your copy (electronic or printed) here:

~Mick, S.D.G.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

So Many Troubles - Published!

The Summer 2017 issue of The Broke Bohemian is out!

As I mentioned earlier, one of my poems was chosen, and you can read it HERE.

Thanks to Tyler Pursch and all the other not-so-intoxicated Broke Bohemian Blues Lovers for including me in this edition.  It is packed with great authors, so check it out, ya biscuit rolling hoochie-coochie rounder.

Wife-approved photo.  Please gaze lovingly upon it.

~Mick, S.D.G.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Broke Bohemian

The Broke Bohemian is a startup seasonal publication that gives 50% of all donations to the American Civil Liberties Union.

They say: "We publish pieces at the forefront of unconventional thought and outlandish perspectives. Get wild. Wear your activism proudly. Bare your teeth. Rise up, and rave in the name of Beauty..."

I am thrilled to announce that they agreed to publish one of my poems this summer.  More details coming soon, but a hint is below.

~Mick, S.D.G.

You gotta pay your dues...